Historical Fencing

"Di santi e fanti" Theoretical-practical study group of traditional dueling, teaches fighting techniques with all cold weapons, in use in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance, draws mainly on the codes Wallrstein, Talhoffer, Meyerr but also other authors of the Germanic area.

The Italian techniques are based on Fiore De' Liberi, cwhich we consider the greatest of the Italian masters. Specific courses are held for actors, taking care of combat choreography based on martial realism.

The founder magister Sacrati personally takes care of each student.

Videos and photos available on the sites-di santi e fanti- consacrati alle armi.

All the masters of the group are graduates with certificates recognized by the Coni.

Contacts: Maestro Giovanni Sacrati 3384065939

Maestro Giovanni Sacrati - Scherma Storica Roma